PROJECT XII: Artificially Intelligent Designed Planetary Systems

Your civilization must escape to a new galaxy.  But the Calabi-Yau is a competing species that will use their interdimensional technologies to try to stop your people from leaving with your advanced nebula-harnessing technology.  Using the latest in 6DOF spatial AI technologies, you must tap the energy resources of your local nebula - the Rose - to keep your people alive as long as possible to get your transport ships out to the new system.

You are an AI engineer and you have created a platform that will help your people run scenarios of attack on your system. Enlist other AI engineers to help you in your effort.

Resist the Yau. Move through space. Build a new home.


PROJECT XII is one of the first truly heavy augmented reality games on Apple's new ARKit platform. Defend your planet in space - your space - any space.

Brought to you by Heavy Projects - an internationally recognized and award winning mixed reality crew.

  • Custom designed levels

  • Interactive spatial augmented reality

  • Time is both your ally & your enemy

  • Unlock new worlds and chapters

Transport your mind into the Ether Galaxy and use the Rose's nebulonic energy to propel asteroids at incoming Calabi-Yau attackers. Build virtual planetary systems to help run attack scenarios on your future home. Become your people‚Äôs most famous AI engineer.